Maritime technology industry today?

Which of these statements are true about the

(1) The industry is resistant to change. (2) Adoption of technology is low despite large potential savings. (3) The goal shouldn't be create software for the sake of software, but to enable better solutions. When I asked these questions at this year's Marine Money conference, almost the entire audience responded *all 3 points are true today*. In fact they were written in a 1996 Marine Money article by fellow @Massachusetts Institute of Technology alum and tech entrepreneur Vassilis Papakonstantinou, not long after Netscape Communications's IPO. With all eyes now on maritime tech, there is a tremendous opportunity today. Special thanks to James Lawrence, Lorraine Parsons, Jonathan Chia for inviting Skysail Advisors Ltd to speak. For a copy of the original article or our presentation from the conference please contact me on LinkedIn or at #shiptech#digitalization#adapttothrive

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